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Connecticut artist Bob Ferraro began his art career at Paier College of Art in Hamden, Conn., majoring in illustration. After success with cartooning and coloring book publications, Bob moved into the fields of fine art and faux finishing.  Known for his sports art in the 1990’s, Bob was honored by having his painting of NHL playoff MVP Brian Leetch displayed with hockey’s Stanley Cup, as well as a limited-edition print of the Kentucky Derby licensed by Churchill Downs.

Currently, Bob participates in juried outdoor art festivals from Maine to Florida year-round.  Bob’s work is a blend of representational and whimsical styles that range from great blue herons to starfish. His most recent series of paintings, "Dancing Starfish," have achieved great success with worldwide buyers, including a permanent collection now purchased by the Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsey in Sarasota, FL.  

There is no doubt that happy starfish are taking over my booth these days. The most frequently heard comment is “I can’t explain it, they just make me smile”.

Bob will continue to paint waves, herons, egrets, pet portraits and various other subjects that have kept him busy over the years, but the starfish will occupy a special place in his art career.  ''We have had tears, hugs, spontaneous dance and emotional stories break out at the sight of these starfish paintings. I can’t ignore it and will embrace it going forward." 

Bob Ferraro, Artist at SZL Licensing

“I am never quite sure how I am going to approach each painting until the time comes when I am putting paint to canvas. I may find that the subject matter requires bold color from a palette knife or a more understated soft brushed effect. After the foundation is laid, the rest is almost entirely improvised.”


"Kentucky Derby" licensed to Churchill Downs.


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