Born and raised in a small town in the province of Buenos Aires, Valeria Caligari currently lives in Pilar, a city near not too far from her roots, with her two children and husband.

Self-taught, she began painting 15 years ago when her youngest daughter was born, some time later working at Fox Life, in a television program whose theme was fashion, design and all kinds of techniques to make clothes and customize them with tactics of embroidery, painting, weaving and sewing. She generates content for several other programs of the same signal such as tutorials and DIY projects and step by step that were used by various programs in A and Mexico.

Within its self-taught training, embroidery was also present in its quest to enrich its art path, i am part of three embroidery books in a traditional Argentine publisher and also a number of embrodery magazines for a craft publishing house in its country and covers for Aholala magazine of your country.

After experimenting with different techniques and surfaces, the painting represents for V a form of expression as a result of the experience acquired for years, uses watercolor, gouache and acrylic and enjoys the process of producing art for all types of surfaces such as murals, textiles and crockery and stationery.


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