Suzan Lind Art Licensing & Design, LLC (SZL), a boutique art licensing agency, is dedicated to helping manufacturers and retailers elevate their brand and broaden their customer base with unique, eye-catching surface designs.  SZL offers a diverse portfolio of highly marketable images and designs, created by Suzan Lind and select represented artists, well-suited for a wide range of product surfaces.  

An accomplished artist, Suzan Lind's mission is to use art as a vehicle to connect, light a spark, and bring joy to people’s lives. Art licensing accomplishes that goal, tenfold.  When QVC licensed four of her peace paintings in 2009, her vision of connecting came to fruition as people all over the world watched the successful QVC peace sales campaign. Naturally, a full-time art licensing career followed for Suzan.   


Blending creativity with strong business sense is one of the key attributes your company will benefit from when working with SZL. In a consumer market flooded with products, and even more images to cover those surfaces, SZL understands the need for a product to make a statement while still having mass appeal. In addition, recognizing that every company has different needs, SZL is committed to working with your company with an approach tailored to its objectives.  


Whether your company has a new product, is expanding its product line, or seeking product development assistance, SZL will provide you with:


  • Unique, eye-catching art and designs

  • Collections or single images

  • Panel or repeating patterns

  • Custom art and design

  • A diverse portfolio of styles and images to choose from

  • An approach tailored to your needs

  • Attention to detail

  • Exceptional service

  • Product development

  • Mock-ups

SZL is committed to working with you; your best seller is our greatest reward!  

Thank you



Awesome, unique surface design, like this splatter painted, mixed media design by Suzan Lind, available for licensing.
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©1980-2020 by Suzan Lind and the artists represented by Suzan Lind Art Licensing and Design, LLC.  All artwork contained on this website may not be used, in any way, without the express, written consent of artists represented on this website.  Thank you for supporting the arts and for respecting intellectual property law.

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