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Nancy Moore's Gallery at SZL Art Licensing

Contemporary Paintings. Wax crayon, watercolor, gouache, graphite, metallic paint, and colored pencil. Figurative,  women, flowers, turtles, chameleons and more.

Eric Sturtevant's Fairy Tales

Illustrations. Watercolor, pencil, and ink on arches aquarelle hot and cold press paper.  Jungle animals, farm animals, fairy, unicorn, reptiles and more.

View Robert Bissell's portfolio of bears, rabbits, and other beautiful animals for licensing.

Imaginary Realism. Oil paintings.

Animals, nature, scenic, bears, rabbits, elephants, wolves and more.

Pineapple Bouquet by Suzan Lind

Paintings, drawings, digital art, graphic design, digitally enhanced photography, mixed media.  Animals, butterflies, flowers, hearts, holiday, marble, peace, trend, patterns, woven, peace, and more.


Impressionistic Paintings. Watercolor on paper, oil on canvas.  Florals, landscapes, coastal, farm, scenery, abstract.

A Star Is Born

Acrylic Paintings.  Whimsical.  Happy Starfish Series.

Whales of Maine

Oil Paintings.  Coastal, scenic, cities, nature, marine life.

Copy of Amore 2 - Parrots in Tree

Acrylic Paintings.  Tropical, coastal, sea life, wildlife.


Abstract, floral, geometric, hearts,

birthday, Christmas, marble, 

tye dye, batik, tropical, folk, wovens

and more.

birthday cake pink.jpg

Acrylic Paintings.  Farm, flowers, religious, animals, confection, greenery and more.  

Flowers, boats, scenic, landscapes,

birds, coastal and more.


Flowers, boats, scenic, landscapes,

birds, coastal and more.

More coming soon!


Collage paintings.  Wildlife, flowers.

Photography.  Wildlife. Landscapes.

Bears, cheetahs, elephan†s, birds,

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