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SZL artist, Lisa Sparling.

Lisa Marie Sparling's passion for painting is only exceeded by her love of animals and nature, making it a constant theme in her life which is reflected in her work.  Growing up on a farm in Central Illinois, Sparling spent much of her childhood exploring the 10 acre property her family owned. Her parents could always rely on finding her down by the creek that ran through their land, riding their ponies, or playing with any other animal on or around the family farm.

By the age of 4, if she wasn't outside playing, she would find any scrap of paper and immediately start drawing. Her family soon recognized her natural talent for drawing, including her ability to shade and sketch things proportionately, and they encouraged this talent by telling her what they liked about each of her drawings.

Sparling remains aware of the textures and colors that surrounded her in those early years and they continue to inspire her to this day.

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From the ages of 17 to 36, Sparling worked as a commercial graphic artist for several publications in the Sarasota, Florida area until becoming disenchanted by the way computers had taken over the industry. Wanting to do something more hands-on and not be confined by an office, she decided to try her hand at painting murals. She had never painted before that time, but she figured she had enough experience mixing colors for printing, and already knew how to draw, so she jumped in with both feet and accepted a job painting an entire pediatrician's office in a beach theme.

She started working nights and weekends painting interior and exterior murals until she built up a clientele, but word of mouth spread quickly and within just a few months, Sparling was able to retire from corporate life and pursue her newfound passion in 1997.

Sparling's designs continue to evolve from the original, two-dimensional look of her earlier work, to the trompe l'oeil effect that is evident in many of her paintings today. Her art is not confined to just walls and canvas, Sparling also enjoys creating unique pieces of hand painted furniture for her clients.


Great Escape - Baby Turtles

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