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Artist Myroslava Voloschuk lives in the small town of Varash in Western Ukraine where she has been painting professionally since 2012.  She is inspired by the delicate shades and shapes of flowers and has always liked to depict things that elicit positive emotions. She loves painting details and favors small painting formats. She believes love is in every creation and paints with that in mind – birds, animals, flowers, fruits, vegetables and even desserts, her “sweet pieces of positive emotions.”


Like most artists, Myroslava has been creating from a very young age with drawing being her favorite pastime as a child. In addition to her career as a painter, the uber-talented Myroslava also holds a degree in Sociology, has designed children’s clothes and illustrated children’s books.


Myroslava has learned to take nothing for granted and maintains a positive attitude despite the horrors of war which persists in Ukraine. Proud to be Ukrainian, she would like everyone to know that Ukraine is a very beautiful country with wonderful nature and kind people.  During this heartbreaking and scary time, Myroslava says, “This is my opportunity to give others positive emotions and joy,” so she paints beautiful things to bring smiles and warm people’s hearts.

Myroslava Voloschuk with her painting of lemons.
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