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Artist and illustrator Stacy Moore loves brilliant color, quirky humor, witty words, inspiring books, magical nights lit with fireflies, and sneakily eating hot buttery popcorn at midnight while coming up with new and wonderful ideas to paint.  


Growing up, she was a mighty crafty little thing with a big imagination. Hidden away in her secret art space in the attic, she made cards, picture books, games and puppets, plus activity pages for her beloved Ted E. Bear, who was obviously quite smart. At age eight she declared her intention to be an artist and cartoonist. And so she is! 


Inspired by her love of art and travel, she attended Lorenzo de’ Medici Scuola d’Arte in Florence, Italy. She then spent twenty fun-filled years as a professional photographer in Boulder, Colorado, artistically photographing rambunctious children and well-behaved dogs. Yet she stayed true to her highest love, illustration, and now focuses her best talent on that exclusively. 


She primarily draws by hand using pencil and then paints in vivid watercolor. She loves using real pencils and paint on real paper. She then combines the individual elements digitally, creating wonderful scenes for her story books and intricate woodland designs filled with birds, flowers, and fascinating hidden insects and other mysterious creatures. Her designs spread sunshine, laughter and happiness in the world. 


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