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Suzan Lind grew up in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, New York with her five siblings, in a small apartment close to the Verrazano Bridge, playing stickball in the streets and eating the best pizza money could buy. Being in a large family of eight, with very little money, learning how to make something from nothing was both a natural progression, and necessary for Suzan’s instinctual skill at creating. She has fond memories of a life full of creativity; decorating shop windows around Halloween, sewing her own clothes, knitting, crafting costumes, baking and decorating cakes, and spending endless hours drawing with her sisters in their kitchen. Every year she would wait with anticipation for December to arrive, when she and her siblings would paint the windows of her 3rd floor apartment with images of the winter holidays. From the street below, everyone could see, and it was this early in life Suzan saw the joy of art come full circle as it brought smiles to unfamiliar faces.


Suzan continues to live a creative life, forever exploring the unlimited potential of the imagination, expressively conveying images and ideas in artistic ways and mediums.  Her professional artistic career began in the early 1990’s when she worked as a computer illustrator, just around the time CorelDRAW made its debut. After moving around the country for several years and dabbling in many art mediums, from mosaic tile to painted furniture, Suzan finally settled in South Salem, NY in 2000 where she started managing her own art-based business. It began with the sale of original paintings. She has exhibited and sold paintings in solo and group exhibitions, fine art shows, galleries, and online. Her work has been sold to collectors close to home and as far away as Hong Kong.​

Suzan Lind
Suzan Lind, artist/agent at SZL.

Mostly a self-taught artist, Suzan learned much from her mother, a Norwegian immigrant and second-generation fine artist.  Suzan relies on unconventional methods when creating her paintings, rarely sketching an image before brush meets canvas.  Acrylic paints are never thinned, creating bold, vivid, brush strokes of color.  This impasto technique provides texture as paint pops off the canvas, creating works of art that are not only visually alluring, but also appeal to one's sense of touch. Free from the restraints of one particular style, Suzan’s unique approach fosters the uninhibited evolution of her creative flow.  Suzan tries to inject happiness into her paintings, drawing from within--a place where she is always free.  Hoping to connect with the most fundamental parts of who we are, she finds inspiration in the playful innocence of life.  Suzan believes the most important and rewarding part of being an artist is connecting with others by using art as a vehicle of communication.  It is this belief that ultimately led her to the art of licensing.


Suzan's work has been licensed and featured on prints and paper goods, t-shirts, best-selling doormats and cell phone cases.  Four of her "Think Peace" paintings have been featured and sold as prints on the popular QVC.  Licensed art has graced the pages of SkyMall magazine, Wireless and Chiasso. Her popular peace quilted design continues to bring steady sales to Tree-Free Greetings, a line of eco-friendly gift and stationery products.  Her most recent licensors include FLOMO, Springbok Puzzles, YAY Novelty and Cobble Hill.

1973, Painting on a shop window in Brooklyn, NY.

Suzan Lind for FLOMO Gift Bags

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Suzan Lind for Yay Bags
Suzan Lind Journal by White Lady Bug
Suzan Lind for Springbok Puzzles.
Kaleidographix designs by Suzan Lind are great for paper products.
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