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Building a Brand by Licensing Art

Is that a meerkat in your pocket? Who wouldn’t be happy to see this new design, created by artist Howard Robinson, from Stitch Gallery One, LLC (SGO). By way of art licensing, SGO works with artists from around the world and offers unique machine embroidery designs to the home crafter. Licensing isn’t new and while brand and trademark licensing own nearly three-quarters of market share in the licensing industry, there’s plenty of room and good reason for manufacturers and retailers to look to the art sector to add value to their products and grow their bottom line.

There is an entire world of images created by independent artists ready to be licensed as surface design, but many companies are unfamiliar with the business and benefits of art licensing; a process with small risk and potentially great return. Using art licensing as a driving force for its’ business, SGO is building its’ brand around artists. Working with select artists with unique specialties gives SGO access to a steady flow of art and the ability to offer a diversified portfolio of embroidery designs to its’ growing community of crafters. Low overhead and less time spent on product development save time and money.

Though SGO is rare in that it licenses 100 percent of its’ art, art licensing is a fantastic way for companies to easily diversify and expand their product line. Using art as a vehicle to tap into new markets and engage a broader audience of consumers can bring great financial rewards to a business and to artists. The advantage of exclusive licensing rights can open up new channels of distribution for manufacturers and retailers, and bring to life, space on shelves where their product(s) did not previously exist.

Art licensing not only creates new windows of opportunity; it’s a feel-good way of doing business where everyone wins. Manufacturers and retailers feel good about supporting the arts, artists feel great seeing their work on product and getting paid, and the consumer is happy with products that bring them joy. It’s a true win-win scenario.

To learn more about SGO and their artists, check out their website.

If your company is interested in licensing art and/or learning more about the benefits of art licensing, email me at

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